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Fandom(s): InuYasha/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Character(s): Kim Hart, Sango, Miroku
Universe: AU, "Bitter"
Rating: T
Fic: "Kismet", Chapter 3
Summary: Miroku moves in!

I love Sango. I really do.

But let’s get two things straight.

One: when it comes to romance, the girl is hopelessly lost. And not in the good way, like “lost in his eyes” or anything. I mean “dropped in the middle of the woods naked without a compass or a flashlight” lost. Except she could probably handle that.

Love, not so much.

Two: hot damn did she underestimate Miroku.

I have to hand it to the boy. He’s good.

It turned out that in InuYasha’s zeal to hook up Miroku and Sango so they could be one big happy family again, the half-demon forgot that Miroku didn’t have a place to stay.

Sesshoumaru’s a stuck-up bastard, so it’s not very surprising that InuYasha didn’t want his human friend staying with the demon lord. And InuYasha was planning to head back to Japan to pick up his own woman this time, so it’s not like Miroku could stay with InuYasha.

It was so very hilariously convenient.

And the look on Sango’s face when her father welcomed the man with open arms (once InuYasha had explained the circumstances) was priceless.

“It’s too bad we’re not sharing a room,” Miroku mentioned with a bit of a leer, following her down the hallway to the guest bedroom. “A beauty like you must outshine the moon and stars; it’d be difficult to fall asleep next to such brilliance.”

Sango chewed angrily on the inside of her cheek. “Don’t worry,” she muttered. “I’d have you unconscious in five moves. And only that many because you’d be nowhere near my bed.”

Either the threat didn’t worry Miroku or it went straight over his head.

Quite possibly the second. Miroku’s clever, but logic often fails him when it stands between him and a goal – even when his life and/or castration via angry weapon-happy demon slayer is on the line.

You’d think he’d work on that.

“I wouldn’t want to worry yourself over me,” Miroku responded. “If I lay closer, you wouldn’t have to get out of bed. And I can always get one of those sleeping masks…”

“I could suffocate you with a pillow,” Sango snarkily offered, grabbing one from the linen closet and shoving at her new friend.

Sango’s father chose that moment to come down the hallway. “Daughter,” he chastised softly. “This young man is our guest, and if our honored friend is to be believed, he is the man the fates put on this planet to love you.” Kissing her forehead, he added, “It would be dishonorable for you to kill him.”

Sango made a face as her father went along his business.

“This way,” she said, a bit dispiritedly. “I’ll show you to your room.”

“That’s the spirit!” Miroku sing-songed happily, swiftly avoiding her swipe at his head. “Why don’t you show me your room first?”


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