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Fandom: Crossover: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers & Dragonriders of Pern
Summary: Even Queens fly; that’s why they have wings! Part of my “Flights of Fancy” universe

“Okay!” Weyrlingmaster L’pol leaned back against his bronze, stroking the raised scar as he stared up at the line of young dragons and riders. “You will mount your dragon. Strap your straps – T’mas, I don’t care if it’s not high; do it or you’ll clean the barracks all week.” As the young bronze rider flushed, L’pol continued, “Once settled, count to three loudly and encourage your dragon to leap off the Queen’s ledge. Then have them spiral down… this is gliding, not flying.”

Trini looked down and immediately wished she hadn't; the Bowl seemed to go in and out of focus before she closed her eyes and gulped. The line of riders quickly diminished, and she felt worse when she realized all eyes were on her and Griffeth.

She mounted slowly, checking and re-checking (and re-checking a third time) her straps. Beneath her, Griffeth shifted eagerly.

‘Can we go?’

Trini took a deep breath. She let it out slowly… ‘Okay.’

The neck under her thighs shifted as Griffeth launched herself forward with a grunt. Instincts kicked in and she immediately flapped for height.

‘Griffeth! Stop it! You’ll hurt yourself and your muscles aren’t ready yet… just glide down.’ The Queen sent a dissatisfied rumble her way but complied with her terrified rider’s orders. She touched down slowly, folding her wings back showily with a quirk of her head toward the young bronzes.

Trini slipped off as quickly as possible, repressing her fear far back where her dragonet couldn’t feel it. It didn’t stop the shaking, though, and her knees nearly buckled.

“Are you alright?” J’son asked, taking her elbow as the line moved back up the ledge path.

She frowned. “I’ll get used to it. I’ll have to.”

The insufferable man snorted with laughter before joining Rosuth.

‘Let’s do it again!’


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