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Fandom(s): InuYasha/Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
Character(s): Kim Hart, Sango, Miroku
Universe: AU, "Bitter"
Rating: T
Fic: "Kismet", Chapter 2
Summary: Miroku falls; Sango resists

The concept of “soul mates” is kind of blown out of proportion. Souls can spend their numerous cycles on Earth without ever finding their other half; other times, they’ll find each other, live happily, die and then never find their way back to each other.

For centuries, Miroku and Sango fell into the latter category.

Souls like them – from all accounts, at least – generally go through following lives perfectly happy. They marry, have kids, die; rinse, lather, repeat as directed. They’ll usually admit (through a decent amount of coercion) to feeling a little… well, “kinda empty” is the term most often used. It’s not crippling, but it’s not exactly comfortable.

Sometimes, though, souls have luck or the favor of the Gods or the help of an interfering half-demon to guide them to their mates.

And when they do, it’s usually magic.

Such was the case with Miroku.

Miroku grew up in Japan, raised by a guardian at the local temple. His father died when he was just a boy; nobody knows who his mother was or what happened to her. Well, maybe InuYasha knows. If so, he’s not telling. Anyway, Miroku was raised knowing of demons and honing his spiritual power. Then, one day, InuYasha showed up, grabbed him, and dragged him down to Miami to meet Sango – the young man’s reincarnated soul mate.

He looked into her eyes and he fell. Gravity worked. Well, not so much gravity but whatever guides souls. What I'm saying is, he fell for her like a sack of potatoes out of a ten-story building. It was like a fairy tale. Of course... in the fairy tales, most adoration on that level is returned...

She was everything he could have wanted, he’d confide later. Sango was tall, beautiful, and had a perfect ass. She was strong-willed, smart and great at what she did.

She was also pissed; a boyfriend (much less a soul mate!) was not in her foreseeable future! She had plans, and they didn’t involve him.

Sango told him that in no uncertain terms.

Miroku grinned. “You are the most amazing woman I have ever met.”

Sango rolled her eyes. Of course she did. Give the girl a sword and she's all about the hunt. Give the girl a romantic line and she's all about the eyeroll. No time for romance in her life. Too bad, so sad! You're about to get yourself a stalker!

Er, boyfriend.

Same difference, really. I mean, have you ever met Miroku?


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